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Monday, December 12, 2011

Paneer In Bell Pepper Gravy

Continuing with my experiments in the kitchen using my fellow bloggers’ recipes, here comes second on the list which is Paneer (cottage cheese) in Bell Pepper Gravy. The first thing that struck me when I read this one was that there was no use of onion or garlic. These days there are the “no onion, no garlic” versions of possibly all kinds of foods but after a long long time did I come across a curry recipe which does without those two ingredients per se.

It was very important for me to try this one out as I have been raised in a household which did not use onion and garlic in their cooking and my parents still follow the same rule for religious reasons.

You can check out the original recipe at 

Things done different

I did not shallow fry the Paneer cubes or fry them at all. Just added them to the gravy and let them cook for a while.


  1. So tempting.... Now a days Nikki is liking paneer a lot... and obviously I'm searching new recipes with paneer... Thanks for the post...

  2. Hi Gauri
    first time your blog,glad to follow you.
    I also did not use onion and garlic in my drop in at my place when time permits..

  3. SUper flavourful gravy,would love to try them soon.

  4. good for all the religious ceremonies we do at our place !!

  5. a good one inspite of not having the staple 2 ingredients; hey gauri loved your profile pic in other blog and your kids look adorableeeeeeeee !
    there is a giveaway in my blog- check it out

  6. This one's become a staple in my house - We do it sans onion or garlic depending on our mood :) Looks delicious, Gauri!